The Top Reasons Why Many Dealers Use Live Chat Online}

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The Top Reasons Why Many Dealers Use Live Chat Online


Groshan Fabiola

The first and most important reason is the role that that automotive live chat plays in customer experience. Many people think that that buying a car is a difficult experience and most people that purchase a car dread the experience of drudging to the local dealership to shop for a vehicle. The solution for this type of customers is simple. Clients need to obtain basic information without having to interact face-to-face with a salesman, and the best answer is Internet shopping. You might be wondering why, but car shopping has gone online and shoppers are using your website and the websites of your competitors to find information on their next new or used car. Whenever online shoppers have a question about a vehicle you have listed on your website, automotive live chat puts you in a position where you can provide professional answers to whatever questions your customers might have, in the shortest time. Because we all know that time can be lethal to many deals, the faster you can respond to your potential customers questions and concerns, the better the chances for converting quality prospects into satisfied customers.

Next on the list of reasons why many car dealers use automotive live chat is that this technology increases lead opportunities. If you already are successful with your dealership on the internet, then driving traffic to your website is not really a problem. However, turning your website visitors into qualified leads always proves to be quite a hassle to many dealers. Despite the large amount of money dealers spend each year on lead generation campaigns, most car dealers are lucky if they are able to convert 2% of their website visitors into quality leads. When you have live chat software available to interact with visitors on your website, it creates an automatic lead generating system. Having a live chat service on your website often more than doubles the amount of car sales leads dealers receive online.

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Enhancing marketing strategies for car dealers can prove to be quite tricky, but automotive live chat has definitely proven to be a very useful tool. Automotive live chat is one of the most effective and valuable components of car dealer marketing. Live chat is proven to help with converting prospects to leads and sales. Dont think of live chat support like an additional form of communication separate from other marketing initiatives. Instead, its important to work with a live chat service that helps you integrate offline marketing efforts with online marketing efforts.

Another important reason is the large increase in sales witnessed by dealers that use automotive live chat. A dealer chat service can help convert a higher amount of your leads and website visitors into sales. Using a live chat solution allows you to take a proactive approach to communicating with your potential customers. A live car chat creates more interaction between you and your dealership website visitors. Experienced dealer chat service providers, use proven processes to convert as much as six out of ten sales chats into high quality leads. Leads created through this process typically close at a rate that is two to three times higher than leads dealers purchase from third party Auto Sales leads providers.

Last but not least, is the advantage given by the fact that not all car dealers have picked up on the large range of utilities derived from using automotive live chat services. Usually car dealerships not only have strict hours of operations but also salespeople at the physical locations that go home after work hours. This translates into many leads that simply go to waste because there is no one to deal with them. With a automotive live chat service, you extend your business operating hours to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The bottom line is that an automotive live chat service sets you apart from your competition because it improves the overall satisfaction of your website visitors by providing instant, professional and courteous support.

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The Top Reasons Why Many Dealers Use Live Chat Online }

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Welsh University announces intelligent robot conducting biology experiments

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Adam is a robot developed by Welsh Aberystwyth University researchers which combines artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and automation to independently conduct and analyse biological laboratory research.

“What’s new and exciting about Adam is [it is] the first time we’ve managed to show that a computer can not only think up new scientific ideas, but experimentally test them and decide whether they’re true,” said Ross King, a computer science professor and lead researcher at Aberystwyth University, “Adam makes up its own mind what to do. It decides what experiments to do, what to test.” He says that for other lab experiments the hardware is already in place, the only step needed is to change the software.

The artificial intelligence alone spans three computers which holds the databases and analytical software to enable Adam to think. For the yeast experiment, Adam was loaded with databases which hold known information relating to yeasts and organisms. Adam compared all fields in the database to find the areas of missing information from which he devised 20 hypotheses.

Adam’s AI is connected to robotic arms, sensors, incubators and cameras which enable Adam to start over 1,000 individual experiments every day and follow their progress over a week.

A part of the process is that Adam’s AI can cycle and analyze the results of the experiments as well doing routine repetitious lab work. Following Adam’s testing, King’s team manually tested three of Adam’s hypotheses and found that the robot’s conclusions were correct, and each was a breakthrough to the scientific community.

Adam has spawned discussion amongst researchers. William Melek, an assistant professor of mechanical engineering at Ontario’s University of Waterloo, has noted that to set up the AI needed for subsequent experiments involving new biological variables and criteria, the human expertise would be time consuming to customize it. The usefulness would be limited therefore to the allotment of human input needed to set up Adam.

David Waltz of Columbia University and Bruce Buchanan of the University of Pittsburgh say that “For the foreseeable future, the prospect of using automated systems as assistants holds vast promise as these assistants are becoming not only faster but much broader in their capabilities — more knowledgeable, more creative, and more self-reflective,” They note the potential of such lab assistants which may more efficiently process the research data.

It was reported that Adam cost about $1million in production costs and this was weighed against the costs of hiring lab techs. King said, We made many mistakes and learned from Adam. Eve is a much cleaner design.”

Eve is the second AI computer under development by Professor King’s research team. Eve’s artificial intelligence will be enhanced to analyze compounds needed for medicinal drugs which may treat killer diseases such as malaria.

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Automobile sales in the United States down sharply

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sales of automobiles in the United States fell as much as 35% in January, compared to the same month a year ago, as manufacturers reported their January sales.

Ford Motor Company NYSEF sales dropped 42% last month from the previous year. General Motors NYSEGM reported a 49% decline. Chrysler was hardest hit among the domestically owned manufacturers with a plunge of 55%.

The decline in sales has not been limited to just US manufacturers. Japanese automaker Toyota NYSETM reported a 32% drop in US sales from a year earlier, Nissan MotorsNASDAQNSANY dropped 30%, and Honda NYSEHMC sales dropped 28%.

Subaru and South Korean Hyundai Motor Company LSEHYUD were two of the few auto firms that reported an increase in sales. They posted gains of eight and fourteen percent, respectively.

On an annual basis, sales overall have also been plummeting. Industry-wide US car sales dropped 18% last year to 13.2 million automobiles.

GM announced today that it will offer voluntary buyouts to 22,000 employees in the US, in an effort to reduce its expenditures.

Last month, GM and Chrysler were given loans worth US$17.4 billion from the government after they warned of imminent bankruptcy.

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Train cars derail into the Thompson River, British Colombia, chemicals spilled

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Chemicals in the Thompson River were said to be found after four Canadian Pacific Railway (CP Rail) cars containing chemicals derailed near Lytton, British Columbia, Canada on Tuesday night.

The derailment occurred just northeast of Lytton when a landslide hit in the middle of a freight train with about 100 cars at around 7:00 pm PDT (02:00 UTC) Tuesday evening. One car remained on the tracks, another was on a river bank, and two were submerged in the Thompson, one of them fully submerged and the other partially submerged. CP states that the cars were carrying the chemical ethylene glycol, commonly found in products such as antifreeze and windshield washer fluid. Glycol is water soluble and biodegradable but is causing concern to local fisheries and people dependent on aquatic life survival. Even though there is not enough chemical to be toxic after dilution in the water, there is still expressed concern that it may cause additional stress to aquatic life.

Despite protective measures, like a protective double hull, investigations found that broken valves and holes are causing the chemical to leak into the river. CP Rail originally denied that any chemical was leaking, but is now driving efforts to plug the leaks.

The Thompson River is a tributary of the larger Fraser River. The area is sensitive to harm because migrating salmon pass through and are in already in dwindling numbers in recent years.

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Advantages And Uses Of Audio Amplifiers}

Submitted by: Jack Wylde

Car audio amps are in the first place employed to change over a signal from a origin unit and modify it to a more high-pitched point from a more low-pitched point to aim the loudspeaker systems. These amps are accessible in different modelling that could have a scope from a minimum twenty watts per channel to a higher degree than 1000 watts per channel. Moreover, the cost as well would deviate accordant to the powerfulness of the amp and will vary between a meager fifty dollars to far over 1000 dollars. The cost that you finally be paying off would be based on the facilities that amp boastings of and as well its major power output signal in addition to its audio quality.

Even costs would range from simply 50 dollars to 1000 plus dollars and how more you’re required to give would based on facilities, great power in addition to the amplifier’s gross quality.

Car sound amps are better-known to vary accordant to channels with a few being not greater than a sole channel though others may consist of 8 distinguishable channels. The highly fashionable alternatives are those with two and even four channels though a mono subwoofer amplifier as well is often best-selling.

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As well, when selecting amplifiers for your car audio device you must understand that an amp with twice the power of some other amp won’t inevitably twice the audio outputted with it. As a matter of fact, each double of power output can be achieved only in increase of 3 decibel of intensity to the audio output. This implies that in order to double up the audio output levels from 100 watts of power to 200 watts you’ll require a hike of 10 decibel.

Before picking out on a specific amplifier you should as well know that doubling up the wattage in an amplifier doesn’t mean that you’re aspiring to get double the quantity of audio. Prior to you really select your car audio amplifier it’s as well crucial to realize that if you double up the wattage in an amplifier you’ll only attain about 3 dBs increment in audio. That implies that to in truth acquire double the audio output it’s essential to affect a 10 dBs increment in audio.

You should act correctly to as well consider the amplifier’s fuse sizing. In addition to it, think back that a real 200 watt amp won’t utilize a ten amp fuse. One method to determine how much power you could anticipate from an amp is to get the fuse value and multiply it by (category A and B amps) or by ten for a category D amp.

It’s as well crucial that you handle the consequence of the sizing of the amplifier fuse since it is one method that you will be able to ascertain how much power the amplifier is truly able of outputting. With multiplying the fuse sizing with six (for category A and B amplifiers) and by ten for category D amplifiers you will be able to estimate (although not on complete truth) how much audio a specific amplifier could make.

When you want to get car audio amps on a budget then you’ll require searching all those models that contain different channels and in which the facilities are integral which would assist you to save on space and prices and which would still afford you adequate service.

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MTV debuts ‘Logo’ cable channel targeting gay market

Saturday, July 2, 2005

MTV Networks launched a new cable channel to 10 million homes Thursday featuring movies, documentaries and original programming targeting the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender audience becoming the first 24-hour digital cable network offered in the United States on several cable providers and satellite systems.

Logo will present original series, documentaries and specials as well as a library of over 200 lesbian and gay films. The cable channel is also teaming up with CBS News to cover lesbian and gay stories and headlines.

While the channel debuted Thursday, Viacom, the parent comany of Logo, had still not signed licensing agreements with several of the largest cable providers including Comcast and Cox. DirecTV signed a deal Wednesday making Logo available to 13 million households, and Time Warner and Atlantic Broadband have committed to carry the network.

Advertisers will include Orbitz, Tylenol, Motorola, Miller Lite, Lions Gate Films and Subaru wishing to market to the coveted 25-to-49 age range providing an opportunity to reach out to the lesbian and gay market.

Wikipedia has more about this subject:

Opposition to the new channel was expected with MSNBC quoting Janice Crouse, senior fellow at Concerned Women for America, a conservative public-policy women’s organization based in Washington, D.C., calling Logo “another example of an assault on children’s innocence, a means of legitimizing a homosexual lifestyle, mainstreaming homosexuality in a positive and appealing way.”

The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) hails the launch of Logo.

“Logo has the potential to reach millions of American television viewers with images and stories that can play a vital role in broadening understanding of our lives, our families and our relationships,” says GLAAD Entertainment Media Director Damon Romine. “MTV Networks has a long history of groundbreaking gay and lesbian programming, and devoting an entire network to telling our stories gives us cause to celebrate.”

“What these networks provide is something new: an unprecedented opportunity for gays and lesbians to see ourselves depicted as we are, rather than as others see us,” Romine says. “At its best, television holds up a mirror to our lives, and the advent of these three networks means that LGBT viewers can now see themselves more accurately and fully reflected in that mirror.”

Many have wondered why it took as long as it did to introduce a national LGBT cable channel considering the success of mainstream network shows like “Will & Grace” and “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.”

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NTSB releases updates on status of 3 major US investigations

Sunday, June 17, 2007

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), the agency responsible for investigating transportation accidents in the United States, released updates on three major investigations on June 14.

The NTSB, well known publicly for its involvement in the investigation of aviation incidents which involve harm or loss of human life, is also an agency that oversees the transportation of refined petroleum and gas products, chemicals and minerals.

The agency determined the cause of a natural gas pipeline explosion that killed six. It also detailed the cause of an accidental release of 204,000 gallons of anhydrous ammonia from a pipeline in an environmentally sensitive area, and released preliminary information involving two commercial aircraft coming within 30-50 feet of each other on a runway.

In the gas explosion disaster, the towing vessel Miss Megan, which was of specifications that did not require inspection by the United States Coast Guard, was being operated in the West Cote Blanche Bay oil field in Louisiana by Central Boat Rentals on behalf of Athena Construction on October 12, 2006. The Miss Megan was pushing barge IBR 234, which was tied along the starboard side of barge Athena 106, en route to a pile-driving location. Athena Construction did not require its crews to pin mooring spuds (vertical steel shafts extending through wells in the bottom of the boat and used for mooring) securely in place on its barges and consequently this had not been done. During the journey, the aft spud on the Athena 106 released from its fully raised position. The spud dropped into the water and struck a submerged, high-pressure natural gas pipeline. The resulting gas released ignited and created a fireball that engulfed the towing vessel and both barges. The master of the towing vessel and four barge workers were killed. The Miss Megan deckhand and one barge worker survived. One barge worker is officially listed as missing.

The NTSB blames Athena Construction for the disaster, citing in the final report that Athena Construction’s manual contained no procedures mandating the use of the safety devices on the spud winch except during electrical work. It was found that if the Athena 106 crew had used the steel pins to secure the retracted spuds during their transit, a pin would have prevented the aft spud from accidentally deploying. Furthermore, the spud would have remained locked in its lifted position regardless of whether the winch brake mechanism, the spud’s supporting cable, or a piece of connecting hardware had failed.

The NTSB also found that contributing to the accident was the failure of Central Boat Rentals to require, and the Miss Megan master to ensure, that the barge spuds were securely pinned before getting under way. The Board noted that investigators found no evidence that the Miss Megan master or deckhand checked whether the spuds had been properly secured before the tow began. While Central Boat Rentals had a health and safety manual and trained its crews, the written procedures did not specifically warn masters about the need to secure spuds or other barge equipment before navigating. The NTSB stated that the company’s crew should have been trained to identify potential safety hazards on vessels under their control.

NTSB Chairman Mark Rosenker said of the investigation’s results, “Having more rigorous requirements in place could have prevented this accident from occurring. Not only do these regulations need to be put in place but it is imperative that they are enforced and adhered to.”

The NTSB has made a number of safety recommendations as a result of this accident and the subsequent investigation. Recommendations were made to Athena Construction and Central Boat Rentals to develop procedures and train the employees of its barges to use the securing pins to hold spuds safely in place before transiting from one site to another.

The most major of the other recommendations are:

To the Occupational Safety and Health Administration:

  • Direct the Maritime Advisory Committee for Occupational Safety and Health to issue the following documents document to the maritime industry: (1) a fact sheet regarding the accident, and (2) a guidance document regarding the need to secure the gear on barges, including spud pins, before the barges are moved, and detailing any changes to your memorandum of understanding with the Coast Guard.

To the U. S. Coast Guard

  • Finalize and implement the new towing vessel inspection regulations and require the establishment of safety management systems appropriate for the characteristics, methods of operation, and nature of service of towing vessels.
  • Review and update your memorandum of understanding with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to specifically address your respective oversight roles on vessels that are not subject to Coast Guard inspection.

The NTSB also released the result of its investigation into an environmental disaster in Kansas on October 27, 2004 in which 204,000 gallons (4,858 barrels) of anhydrous ammonia was spilled from a ruptured pipeline in Kingman into an environmentally sensitive area. Chemicals from the pipeline entered a nearby stream and killed more than 25,000 fish, including some fish from threatened species.

The incident reached the scale that it did due to operator error after the initial rupture. The 8 5/8-inch diameter steel pipeline, which was operated by Enterprise Products Operating L.P., burst at 11:15 a.m. in an agricultural area about 6 miles east of Kingman, Kansas. A drop in pipeline pressure, indicating abnormal conditions or a possible compromise in pipeline integrity, set off alarms displayed on the computerized pipeline monitoring system. Shortly after the first alarm the pipeline controller, in an attempt to remedy the low pressure, increased the flow of anhydrous ammonia into the affected section of pipeline. A total of 33 minutes elapsed between the time when the first alarm indicated a problem with the pipeline and the initiation of a shutdown.

In its initial report to the National Response Center (NRC), the pipeline operator’s accident reporting contractor reported a release of at least 20 gallons of ammonia, telling the NRC that an updated estimate of material released would be reported at a later time. No such report was ever made. Because of the inaccurate report, the arrival of representatives from the Environmental Protection Agency was delayed by a full day, affecting the oversight of the environmental damage mitigation efforts.

The cause of the rupture itself was determined to be a pipe gouge created by heavy equipment damage to the pipeline during construction in 1973 or subsequent excavation activity at an unknown time that initiated metal fatigue cracking and led to the eventual rupture of the pipeline.

“We are very fortunate that such highly toxic chemicals of the size and scope involved in this accident were not released in a populated area,” commented Rosenker. “Had this same quantity of ammonia been released near a town or city, the results could have been catastrophic.”

As a result of this accident, the NTSB made the following safety recommendations:

To the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration:

  • Require that a pipeline operator must have a procedure to calculate and provide a reasonable initial estimate of released product in the telephonic report to the National Response Center.
  • Require that a pipeline operator must provide an additional telephonic report to the National Response Center if significant new information becomes available during the emergency response.
  • Require an operator to revise its pipeline risk assessment plan whenever it has failed to consider one of more risk factors that can affect pipeline integrity.

To Enterprise Products Operating L.P.:

  • Provide initial and recurrent training for all controllers that includes simulator or noncomputerized simulations of abnormal operating conditions that indicate pipeline leaks.

“The severity of this release of dangerous chemicals into the community could have been prevented,” said Rosenker. “The safety recommendations that we have made, if acted upon, will reduce the likelihood of this type of accident happening again.”

As well as concluding their investigation of the above accidents, the NTSB also released preliminary information regarding a serious runway incursion at San Francisco International Airport between two commercial aircraft on May 26, 2007.

At about 1:30 p.m. the tower air traffic controller cleared SkyWest Airlines flight 5741, an Embraer 120 arriving from Modesto, California, to land on runway 28R. Forgetting about the arrival airplane, the same controller then cleared Republic Airlines flight 4912, an Embraer 170 departing for Los Angeles, to take off from runway 1L, which intersects runway 28R.

After the SkyWest airliner touched down, the Airport Movement Area Safety System (AMASS) alerted and the air traffic controller transmitted “Hold, Hold, Hold” to the SkyWest flight crew in an attempt to stop the aircraft short of runway 1L. The SkyWest crew applied maximum braking that resulted in the airplane stopping in the middle of runway 1L. As this was occurring, the captain of Republic Airlines flight 4912 took control of the aircraft from the first officer, realized the aircraft was traveling too fast to stop, and initiated an immediate takeoff. According to the crew of SkyWest 5741, the Republic Airlines aircraft overflew theirs by 30 to 50 feet. The Federal Aviation Administration has categorized the incident as an operational error.

The NTSB sent an investigator to San Francisco, who collected radar data, recorded air traffic control communications, and flight crew statements, and interviewed air traffic control personnel prior to the NTSB making the preliminary release.

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Massage Therapy Offers A Holistic Alternative To Pharmaceuticals}

Massage Therapy Offers a Holistic Alternative to Pharmaceuticals


Pat Boardman

It is misleading to brand the practice of the many techniques of massage as “alternative” when it has been carried on for centuries all over the world. It is really as mainstream as you can get; there are any number of benefits provided to the billions of cells the make us function. It is holistic; meaning something good happening to one body system influences others positively as they communicate with each other. To heal the whole body it is necessary to achieve a healthy balance overall.

A person becomes stronger when there are no blockages to hamper the flow of life energy known by the Chinese term “chi”. The life force name corresponds to the legendary and mystical chi of the martial arts such as Tai Chi Chuan and the other Kung Fu arts of China, Korean Hapkido, and Japanese Aikido, where chi is magnified. Chi energy flows along 12 body meridian channels: small intestine, large intestine, stomach, liver, spleen, kidney, heart, governing vessel, lungs, triple heater, bladder, and gall bladder.

Clearing obstacles throughout the body by way of massage therapy removes toxic situations brought about by factors like stress, dead cells, crooked posture, etc., and tunes it up for smooth driving so to speak. In turn the mind is affected for the better and allows the panicked central nervous system to stand down and relax. In a word, stress is a killer. It weakens the performance of the organs protected and connected by the first of our systems: the skeletal system.

YouTube Preview Image

There are 206 bones in the skeletal system holding us together so that we can carry around all of our body tissue, organs, veins, and whatnot. Then it’s all tucked together so the stuff won’t fall out by the integumentary system, which is a fancy word for skin. The bones are held together by tendons and ligaments – this is the articular system. The muscular system allows us the physical ability to perform work. Massage starts at the muscles but also goes inward to stimulate and straighten the cells with deep tissue massage.

The fuel we run on is processed by the digestive or alimentary system (organs associated with ingestion, digestion, absorption of food and elimination of its associated waste). It also produces the gases so familiar to masssage therapists in the course of a day. The other gaseous elements like oxygen, carbon dioxide, and whatever happens to be in the air is the responsibility of the respiratory system’s lungs and air passages of the bronchial tubes and nasal cavity.

Giving the commands via electro-chemical energy, is the nervous system: it is comprised of the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord), and peripheral nervous system (cranial and spinal nerves). The nervous system is the ultimate beneficiary of the work done by the massage therapist once the spine relaxes and blood flow becomes more streamlined. Blood starts moving easier during and after a massage through the circulatory system, which consists of the cardiovascular (heart and blood vessels) and the lymphatic systems (lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes). This in turn stimulates the glands and hormone-secreting cells of the endocrine system, as well the urinary system so you may want to visit the restroom on the way out.

If your reproductive system becomes stimulated during the massage you’re pretty much on your own.

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Being Obese Why Obesity Is A Serious Threat To Your Health

By James S. Pendergraft

Increasing the weight of the body beyond the limitation of the skeletal is a serious threat to your health.

It is well known to everyone that obesity may cause risks to your health. Obesity is actually viewed by several, particularly insurance companies as a severe medical condition. Several people do not understand as to how critical it is actually for obese individual to obtain a perfect insurance; this is because the health risks that an obese person faces might cost a huge amount of money to the company.

One amongst the common reasons as to why the insurance companies would reject the application is due to the overweight of the person which is regarded as a superior threat. If an insurance company decides to take in an obese patient as their client, then they frequently boost up their premium to approximately twice the money that they take from a normal person.

If you have a feeling that this condition is superiorly unfair and prejudiced against individuals who are facing weight problem, may be you might be right, but the prejudice against individuals with chronic or pre- existing conditions is considered to be a normal practice in the insurance market, in the end, the insurance company is a commerce which render proper care to their clients and have to make money too. Actually the 2004 ruling given by the Federal government allow the insurance company to charge superior premium for the obese individuals and this actually encourage individuals to lose weight and help them to be normal and healthy.

A fascinating fact is even though the insurance companies identify obesity as superior risky chronic condition, which ever treatments towards decreasing the heaviness (inclusive of weight loss treatments) have been excluded. However this policy is even applied to which ever chronic condition which is developed by client before taking in the insurance plan.

Listed below are few of health conditions which worry the insurance companies that their obese clients may develop:

YouTube Preview Image

– Increase of blood pressure

– Type two diabetes

– Heart stroke and disease

– Osteoarthritis

– Some kind of cancer

– Gallbladder disease

– Sleep apnea

– Liver disease

All these above medical conditions are considered to be a severe threat to an individual’s health and needs medical treatments which frequently add to the total cost. If an individual turns to be an obese and comes across one of the above stated health conditions later, the cost for the treatment has to be covered.

In short, the obesity must be taken as a lifetime threatening condition and not just mere esthetic matter. May be in the future, the insurance companies would take a decision to include the obesity treatment in medical cover, however until then try to stay healthy as well fit. That will not only give you a better life but you will end paying less for your insurance.

To Your Health!

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Dr. James S. Pendergraft opened the Orlando Women’s Center in March 1996.


, physical examinations, family planning, counseling.

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